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Description of Services

Tern Technologies, Inc. is a total alignment and vibration services company with twenty years of experience around the world, from Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska to the southern tip of Chile in Punta Arenas

Our personnel have extensive experience in laser, optical and mechanical precision alignment techniques, and vibration monitoring and analysis expertise. Services are provided on a wide variety of rotating equipment in many industries.

Tern Technologies has worked with machinery located in both offshore and onshore locations, in desert, temperate, tropical and arctic environments. Industries serviced include power generation, petrochemical, pipeline, pulp and paper, mining and marine propulsion.

Misalignment and alignment related problems are probably the single largest general cause of machinery failure.

Better alignment will result in major improvement in machinery reliability and operation. Improved reliability translates to dollar cost savings on the bottom line.

Precision Measurement,
Optics & Lasers

Tern Technologies, Inc. specializes in precision laser and optical measurement applied to rotating equipment. Projects world-wide are managed from our Anchorage, Alaska location. Key personnel each have over twenty-five years of experience in the machinery industry, combining to offer over 100 years of field service experience.

We maintain a huge inventory of optical and laser measurement tools, perhaps the largest in the industry. This allows us to tackle almost any machinery measurement project from simple shaft alignments to complex installations and applications. We have the right tool for each application and the experience to get results.

Alignment Services Include:

  • Leveling base plates, sole plates and machinery
  • Machine train shaft alignments
  • Thermal growth and movement surveys
  • Bore alignments for reciprocating equipment applications
  • Bore alignments for centrifugal equipment applications
  • Alignment training seminars

Alignment Training Seminars include
instruction in & discussions of:

In-plant shaft alignment training seminars

  • One, two, or three day classes crafted to customer requirements
  • Laser alignment systems and/or dial indicator methods
  • Small groups, hands-on, classroom setting
  • Single and multiple coupling and case train alignment
  • Pruftechnik laser shaft alignment systems
  • Rim and face & reverse dial indicator measurement procedures
  • Standard alignment maintenance practicer (bar & bracket Sag, soft foot and shimming procedures)
  • Thermal growth and target alignment calculations
  • Graphing laser and dial indicator readings

Vibration Monitoring Services

The Tern Technologies, Inc. vibration department has the equipment and experienced personnel with the capability to perform machinery vibration analysis. Our vibration equipment inventory and experience allow us to cover a variety of client needs from routine periodic vibration data collection to multichannel startup machinery analysis.

Tern Technologies, Inc. personnel have vibration analysis experience with machinery that includes equipment with horsepower ranges from small pumps and fans to large compressor and generator trains.

Vibration services include:

  • Routine periodic vibration data collection
  • Multichannel data recording for machinery startup analysis
  • Installation of API vibration monitoring systems
  • Field balancing of fans and rotors

Manufacturers' Links

Tern Technologies is the Alaska dealer for Ludeca, Inc, SKF and Escoweld, three of the biggest names in Rotating Equipment analysis and alignment.

These are the products we use in our day to day work and the products that we provide for our clients. We only use the best.

Projects world-wide are managed from our Anchorage, Alaska location. Key personnel each have over twenty-five years of experience in the machinery industry, combining to offer over seventy five years of field service experience

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